Aidan: Massachusetts| A Spectrum Inspired Session with Jen Bilodeau Photography

The über talented Jen of Jen Bilodeau Photography tucked away some time during her busy season to photography Aidan and his beautiful family. So we thank her for that. And for being apart of our mission to raise autism awareness and paint the world blue. 


Aidan is a sweet 7 year old boy with two younger siblings, Sienna and Silas. He lives for tickles and spinning, and jumping and running and pretty much m.o.v.i.n.g which you can imagine can be a smidge tough for a photoshoot. However, our goal here at S.I. is to allow spectrum kiddos be themselves and have freedom during their photoshoots and capture what we see. 

So what do we see hear? We see love. And authenticity. And tickles. And hugs. And motions. And most importantly, MOMENTS--- that will undoubtedly be cherished by Aidan's momma forever. 

And even though Aidan was not using words to express himself that day, his mother Kristie says, "I believe not being ale to say something is not the same as having nothing to say." And if that isn't the truth of the truth than nothing is. Certainly, Aidan's eyes and motions say more than so many words ever could.

Kristin goes on to say that her sweet boy, Aidan's "resilency is nothing sort of amazing. And despite his challenges, his kind and loving spirit shines through on a moment to moment basis." "My son," she says, "has inevitably made me a better mother and person." 

Spectrum Inspired.