Ethan's Spectrum Inspired Session| Dedham, Massachusetts| Sarah Driscoll Photography

"Fearless. Happy. Loving."

Ethan, in words by his amazing Mama.  In images by our incredible Sarah Driscoll.

"Ethan is a happy 6 year old on the autism spectrum. He loves his blankie, Baby Einstein movies, playing outside and swimming. He is a fearless boy who likes to climb, swing and do somersaults. He is still learning to communicate his needs using PECS and an iPad, but if you aren't meeting his needs he will let you know! He can be seen knocking his snacks off the shelf when he's hungry or escaping outside when he wants to say "hi" to the neighborhood. Ethan is the youngest of 3 kids and is loved and played with by his siblings. He is their biggest cheerleader at soccer and softball games, sometimes even trying to run onto the field to help. Ethan loves to eat, especially crunchy snacks like Beanitos and Goldfish, but his all time favorite food is pasta! Ethan takes swimming lessons and is never unhappy when he's in the water. He also loves music, especially tunes that have bass, or a good beat."

Spectrum Inspired.