Eden's in-home Spectrum Inspired Documentary Session.

This is Eden. Eden has Autism. And honestly, it's one of her most beautiful qualities.  Imagery by Coleen Hodges. Words by Eden's Mama.

"We have ups and downs every day. Every day."

"I hate it when I hear others say that Autism sucks, like I use to. Eden has Autism...and Autism, this wild and crazy cognitive disorder, with its unfathomable complexity...in truth, I am in awe of it.  Autism has ushered us into a world, we could have never chosen, with a load of joys, but also with hardships and trials, that have tested us, and stripped us, and at times have gutted us." .

"Along this very path, we have been given the eyes to see things that we were previously blind to, and we have been given a ticket to bond with others who also go down the same road."

"If you listen in our home, you will hear lots of rejoicing! Rejoicing over new milestones, funny mishaps, and  when we have a "moment" as well. We choose to rejoice and be glad!"

"This journey that some look at with fear, and want to avoid at all costs, and which has really stolen much, has also afforded untold treasures that can only be found on the Autism road"

"It is only along this road that we get to travel with our child, who God so lovingly placed into our lives. He made her just the way she is suppose to be!"

Spectrum Inspired.