The Decker Family: A Session For Nathaniel

"From the moment I walked into the Decker's home, I was overwhelmed with feelings of pure love and warmth.  This family is, in one word...incredible.  Getting a glimpse into Nathaniel's world made my soul sing.  He is this amazing little boy, who adores his sisters, worships his mama and is best friends with his daddy.  I feel so honored to have been able to capture a small part of their day as a family." - Coleen Hodges

"We can still remember the day the first doctor looked us in the eyes and said Autism. We knew about Autism but didn't ever think that was the diagnosis we would be facing. We thought maybe processing delay, ADHD, but Autism, no way. Our world came crashing down. We lacked knowledge and understanding. Nathaniel was 2. We had 2 years with this beautiful boy so full of life, love and perfection and in one moment we felt this dream of who he would become was being stolen away. Baseball games, friends, college, girlfriends, marriage, fatherhood where dreams we may have to let go of. The early diagnosis is pivotal and gave us so much hope but also left so many unanswered questions. Will he talk? Understand? Love? Will we ever hear Mommy Daddy? All impossible to know until he continued developing and growing into the smart and corky kid he is today. Nathaniel is a 6 year old raw unique individual that will inspired and be inspired by everything he touches. We have beautiful conversations and he is a great big brother to his twin sis Natalynn and little sis Naleah. He can be challenging at times but we see hope and a future without boundaries for our son. We no longer push aside our dreams for him because we know he is capable of capturing life. Our family is weird, corky, quiet, loud, funny, totally different....and we, together as a family, have Autism." - Mama Decker

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Rochelle, Nathaniel's sweet mama, owns an gorgeous salon here in Anthem, Arizona.  She created a special Sensory Room, dedicated to kiddos with Autism and sensory disorders.  Her concept is to keep everything simple.  She has a small social story on the wall to show children what to expect while getting their hair cut. She is equipped with multiple sensory tools, including a weighted vest, sensory chair cushion and an iPad.  Autism mamas, if you live in the Phoenix area, run, don't walk to Hair n Dipity Salon!  

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