This is Lilli, her Mama and their amazing story…


“Ok so here’s my story..

Not sure how to start but the same day I found out that Lillian had Autism I was filing for divorce…”

“Waiting…. Waiting… and more waiting. That’s all we moms ever seem to do when we need to see a specialist for our kiddos on the spectrum. Finally after 6 months I get Lillian in to see her developmental pediatrician and he asks me.. ‘Well Mrs. Fattaleh, what is it that I can do for you..?’. I said, ‘Well, I’m here to see what I need to do to help my child. I can be taught, but she is at a stand still.. So please teach me to teach her’…”

“Lillian was diagnosed at 2 1/2 years old…high-functioning autism…and our lives have never looked the same. We aren’t normal, we don’t use that word.  To me, there is nothing normal in life. Everyone has something… I know I sure do! Lillian is an amazing young lady who loves dancing, animals, horseback riding, doing her own makeup, has an amazing passion for mermaids and more compassion than anyone I know. She was non-verbal until she was 3 1/2. But now she LOVES to talk and is not shy.  She can write stories like no other and is dead set on figuring life out….”

“She’s known she’s had autism all along. I never talked behind her back.. never sshhed a Dr. for talking about the worst-case-scenario. I figured this is our journey and we are on it together. It’s been a rough at trip but the best one I will ever take… and I know it’s the best kind because it will last forever!! She doesn’t know anything different and I don’t want her to know anything different! She’s been through speech, horse, feeding and occupational therapy, to name a few….and there’s more work to be done. But my favorite part about our therapy is when she tells her Dr.’s ‘I am where I am because of my mother’….”

From Lilli…”Because of my mom I can speak to and mingle with others.  She has taught me to be myself and never expects for anything to be just given to me. I will always have to work hard in life”

“I am thankful for everyday I have with Lillian because I know I will learn something new! She is the light of my life, my daughter, my day dreamer, and wouldn’t change a thing about her! -Nicolle”

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