The Filoso Family

"Being special needs parents is definitely not what we expected. The hardest thing about autism is everything - all of the experiences our sweet boys can't enjoy like typical children, all of the milestones missed or delayed, the judgmental looks and comments from strangers and even friends and family. Wondering when they will realize they are different and how it will impact them, worrying some of our boys will never talk, fearing they may never be independent. Juggling their care and therapies is significantly more work than my previous full time job. Our two oldest boys are diagnosed, and now our third boy has a speech delay. We have another boy on the way and I worry constantly about him having special needs as well. Parenting young children is hard. Parenting young children with disabilities is harder than I ever imagined.

With all of that being said, it definitely has changed my perspective on life. All of a sudden, something as seemingly simple as my 3 year old nodding his head yes and making faces at me can turn a day around. Listening to my 5 year old read books on a grade level well beyond his years is amazing. We have met so many kind, compassionate therapists, teachers, and friends on our autism journey. Despite having many days filled with constant worry, I also have days of hope. Days where I am confident I will hear my son's voice tell me he loves me one day. Days that I believe they will be able to be happy and independent in adulthood. And above all, I see the love in their eyes and actions, even if our youngest boys can't say the words yet." Beautiful words by Mama Filoso and imagery by Coleen Hodges.

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