A Session for Owen and Family | Indianapolis, Indiana

Owen is sixteen, very intelligent, and charmingly witty.  Owen is also on the spectrum.  His mother and I planned this session as a family focused affair so Owen wouldn't feel too much pressure to be ON for the camera.  I enjoyed exploring his familys property and as you'll soon find - they have a love for animals and all things of character.  

We love reading family applications because we see the most amazing stories told by parents who have endured so much but they ALWAYS find a way to celebrate all of the positives.  Their stories give us hope.  

Cindy's questionnaire was publish worthy so without further ado: 

Owen is so very smart. He is witty and relates well to adults. He doesn’t do silly, ever. He has a remarkably strong sense of equity and right and wrong. He is shy and usually is more comfortable wearing his hoodie. He is eager to please and make people happy.

Owen was diagnosed at about age 4 after years of not knowing what was going on. He was very impulsive and quite difficult as a child, but also ridiculously smart so he would be bad in the most imaginative and amazing ways that you had to just marvel at his disasters! He has always been so loving and it always distressed him greatly when he couldn’t control himself, but he just couldn’t take that split second to think through a decision that might cause harm. We went through a lot of medications and counselors, finally felt pretty stable around age 8, with great teachers who understood his needs. This is a little video I made about him when he was about 12.

At age 16 now, I am so proud of him. He has learned social skills and cues. I try to show him everyday that the things that make him different are what make him amazing.
— Cindy Johnson




Images Courtesy Jamie Nicole Scott, photographer | www.jamienicolescott.com

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