The Poor Family: A Spectrum Inspired Session in Newburyport, Massachusetts by Stephanie Clement

If you've looked up the symptoms of autism, you've probably seen a reference to 'lack of eye contact.' For our son this is true - but when he does gaze into your eyes - it's the most beautiful gift.

Tanner, age 5, is a very curious boy who is always on the go.  From the moment he and his brother bounded out of the car for the playground where we started our morning, I knew it would be a privilege to get to know him and we would have a great tim. Mom thought it would be fun to document one of the ways Tanner loves to spend his mornings – along the waterfront in Newburyport, MA – starting with the playground, then walking the waterfront throwing stones into the river and then walking the “rail trail”.  

What touched me the most during our session is Tanner’s older brother.   Even though Tanner would roam and explore constantly, his brother was always right behind him.  The patience and love for his brother was a beautiful sight to see --- though, with that said, it was hard to capture as Tanner was often 10 steps ahead of him J.  I particularly enjoyed the time spent playing with bubbles – Tanner  loved to catch them and his brother loved to make them for him!  As we were ending the session out of the blue he said “I love my brother Tanner” and it melted our hearts.

Tanner’s story in the words of his mom, Corinne… 

“Tanner, our youngest son, was diagnosed on the spectrum in 2012 at 1.5 years old. In the past 5 years he is taught us so much more than we could ever imagine. To name a few ...he has taught his family, & those closest to him, a new way to view life, to slowdown, change perspective, love unconditionally and most of all see the world through a different filter. He has the ability to see beauty in things that most of us just brush off or dismiss. When he decides to show his love and affection to others – it's pure love and acceptance. I expect nothing less from those around him. I expect nothing less from friends and family and I certainly expect nothing less from his community and peers. For us...Autism is not about explaining how tough it is – it is about celebrating how wonderful it is to be blessed by a child who marches to the beat of their own drum.

{This session was done by Stephanie Clement of Stephanie Clement Photography located in Massachusetts, to see more of her beautiful work, check out here website HERE. Stephanie,Thank you for your heart  and for sharing your talent with this incredible family to tell their incredible story. We are so proud to have you apart of our tribe here at Spectrum Inspired.}

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