From the second I met Evan, we clicked.  Although he was shy at first, it wasn't long before he opened up and I had the incredible opportunity to get to know him.  Evan is kind, smart, intuitive and funny.  He loves his sock monkey collection, trains, rockets, the Lego movie and of course, his amazing parents.  I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to spend the evening with this awesome family and even more lucky that I got to document Evan's incredible spirit.

"Many parents tell their kids not to play with Evan or 'here he comes...time to go home'. I feel sorry for his inability to connect with many kids and the kids' inability to connect with him. I want people to see how great and caring and gentle his soul is and not judge him by how he flaps or talks about things that are off-topic. Give my guy a chance and you will truly experience him for all the good he has to offer DEEP inside of him--just need to unlock it!" -Evan's Mama  Imagery by  Coleen Hodges.

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