Beautiful Ben: A Spectrum Inspired Session in Texas by Jeanine Phelps

This session was photographed by the incredibly talented Jeanine Phelps of Jeanine Phelps Photography, whose heart speaks and shines brighter than her art-- which seems impossible. Jeanine, thank you for being apart of our tribe & telling these stories. 


Cheers to beautiful Ben and his family who are now weaved within our Spectrum Inspired tribe. And to his mother who is an autism warrior momma, brave enough to open her doors and let us in. And to Jeanine who captures their story so authentically with her camera. 

From Benjamin's mother,

"I guess I could write about our journey to Benjamin's Diagnosis of ASD. Or I could write about all the things that lead us to question what was going on, or the way we have tried to make changes to make our normal natural and better for our family. Or the fear--- fear of the ignorance that Benjamin will face. Fear of the situations I can try to prepare him for. 
But there have been so many others who have said all of this and did it in a way that touched us and made us feel not so alone in our journey."

So instead, Benjamin's mother decides to share what she knows. And loves. And embraces with all of her heart.

She says, 

"I would not change a thing about our Brave, Smart, Kind, Funny, Handsome, Sweet, Loving Boy Ben. What I would do is change the world for him."

And that --right there-- says it all. This is why we wanted to tell their story because they too believe, just like us at Spectrum Inspired do, that every single story told will help change the world. And raise awareness. And prove the fact that different is not less and unique is beautiful. So beautiful. 

To end their story, Ben's mother says,

"everyday Ben shows me something new and wonderful about this world when I look at it again through his eyes."




Spectrum Inspired.