My Sensory Rapunzel

Beautiful words and imagery by our own Brandi McComb.

"My daughter is 6 years old and her name is Tuesday Lynn. I named her after my late sister Tuesday who was killed by a drunk driver in 1979 at the young age of 16. We knew my Tuesday was something special at just 9 months and noticed things as she would get older like the need to straighten rugs, how she could not stand tags in her clothes, she had to wear her socks inside out, walking outside on a windy day was like torture for her, the sounds of flushing toilets, hand dryers and the smells and people in a public restroom had her refusing to go, textures of foods limited her to only a few choices she liked, I could go on and on. Sensory overload leading to rages were the worst. It is so hard watching your child hurting.

She was always sick, in and out of hospitals with GI issues, she had food allergies and sensitivities and it was finally at 3 years old when I insisted there was something not quite right so she was tested and diagnosed with severe sensory integration and Vestibular and Tactile dysfunctions. She immediately needed to start occupational therapy 3 times a week. We had her diagnosed again at 4 to be 100% sure and sure enough same diagnosis but this time she needed to start feeding therapy as she ended up in the hospital at Children's for close to 30 days with a blocked colon, after a feeding tube, two surgeries and therapy she was back home and doing well. 

I had to quit working full time to care for her and get her ready to start pre K, she had been in daycare for so long and now it was just she and I each day. They said they were not sure how she would do in a public Kindergarten and guess what? She completed with flying colors! She is now 6 years old and in the 1st grade, her sensory issues are still there from time to time but she has stress balls and bouncy balls she sits on at home if needed and she is doing awesome. We still struggle with GI issues but see her doctor every 6 months for checkups.

It moves me every time I photograph her because she is mine and she is perfect in my eyes. I am really the only one she feels comfortable in front of the camera with. She becomes a new child, open and free. She gets into her own little world and nothing else around matters at that moment because she knows her mommy is there.

She is an incredibly smart little girl who has a dream of being Rapunzel one day."

Spectrum Inspired.