The St. Sauver Family| Maplewood, MN | Jamie Cramble Photography

Nolan, age 6.... "joyful, funny, intriguing." Words by Nolan's loving mother and authentically beautiful photography provided by the uber talented Jamie Cramble Photography

Words from Nolan's Momma, "When Nolan was not speaking at the age of 2, we became concerned. As much as we tried our best not to compare him to our other 2 children, we could not  help but notice the differences. Nolan began speech therapy and then began preschool at age 3. His preschool teachers asked to have a meeting with my husband and I. That meeting was the first time we heard the word 'autism' in regards to our child. While we sat and listened to the symptoms we did not fall off our chairs in disbelief. In fact, autism had crossed our minds. But to actually hear someone say it, took a moment to sink in. Tears were held back as I tried to be strong for my child. My thought was, 'what's next to help him?' 

Since then I have been researching and trying to understand this broad spectrum of autism. Each day is a learning challenge for our whole family, but we are all in it together. As I write this my eyes are filled with tears because as a mom you do everything t

o protect your child and sometimes I do not have the answer.

This is the first time I have taken the time to think about how this makes me feel. Thank you [to Spectrum Inspired] for asking me to do this. "

Spectrum Inspired.