The Wilson Family | Wisconsin | Raspberry Lane Studios

This Spectrum Inspired session was documented by Laura Frazier of Raspberry Lane Studios. Thank you Laura for documenting this family authentically, your dedication to our nonprofit is unparalleled. 

Leland, age 8, "Happy, funny and silly."


Here is a bit more about Leland and his loving family, words by his mother, Tiffany,

"I always knew my first birn had something different about him. Things just weren't adding up as far has milestones and normal play. I kept telling his pediatrician my concerns but she blew them off and thought I was just a young overwhelmed mother. At 6 months he would bang his head of the floor, by a year he wouldn't respond to his name, by the time he was 18 months he would respond to anything like "okay now bye bye" or "we go bye bye." At 2, his doctor finally listened to me and put in a referral to see a neurological doctor. At 2.5, we were officially told our son had autism and sensory processing disorder. I was completely overwhelmed and often stayed up late crying and thinking about all the what-ifs. I would cry because I felt alone or that I did something wrong as a parent. I know that isn't the case now and I love my son with all my heart. He is a smart loving silly boy and I wouldn't change a thing about him."

And here is their story in photographs...

Spectrum Inspired.