The Hawes Family | Arizona | Coleen Hodges Photography

Kennedy, age 4, "Kennedy is very friendly, sweet and inquisitive. She LOVES to have her pictures taken. She loves animals and eating." 

The following beautiful images are captured by our very own Coleen Hodges and words by Kennedy's Mom, Blaire Hawes, who is also a photographer here at Spectrum Inspired. To apply for your own {free} session to help us raise authentic autism awareness, please go 



"Your child is Autistic." Words I had been fighting to hear for so long, a label I was not prepared for. As a mother, your intuition guides you. For a very long time, I "knew" that my daughter was "different" but I didn't know what that meant. Our journey to diagnosis was far from easy, and continues to be an uphill battle for many to grasp. But, to finally hear the words, to have support and a plan was life changing. To be able to understand the "why" and learn to better be able to parent our incredibly spirited girl is insurmountable. The gift that Spectrum Inspired (through the lens of Coleen) has given to me, was the ability to connect with others who are in the same boat and to see my child through the eyes of someone who just "gets it." I am forever grateful, forever thankful. With my whole heart, thank you. - Blaire

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