The Leiseth Family | South Dakota | Amber Walder Photography

This incredibly beautiful Spectrum Inspired session was photographed by Amber Walder Photography, who has the most incredible ability to capture real, everyday moments in such a magical way. It almost appears as though she were just a fly on the wall as she photographed this family -- seeing moments and emotions and connections so honestly.So, thank you Amber, for your committment to our Nonprofit and your passion to raise authentic autism awareness.


These two handsome brothers are Preston, age 10 and Caleb, age 5 -- both on the spectrum. Their mom, Bridget, goes on the describe them, "Preston is a typical first born. Although nonverbal - he communicates with gestures very well. Preston is a pleaser, works hard at everything he does and has the handsomest smile you will ever see on a human. He's radiant and sweet natured and a favorite of all those who get to know him. I have always called him my bright spectrum boy. Caleb is strong willed and eager. He loves to learn new things and attacks his new subjects of interest with a fervor. He is loving and anxious and a thrill seeker all in one. Caleb loves to be with people and practices conversations and interactions studiously. He loves to have fun and is not afraid to let you know when he's nervous or happy or anything in between. Caleb brings the party and Preston brings the light." 

Here is more of their story: 

"We have two boys. They are both on the spectrum. Although sometimes it feels like they inhabit different zip codes because of their differences. And it's really hard sometimes. Not hard like a flat tire on a Monday. Hard like can we do this and keep it all together? But man, these boys are just the best figments of humanity. They are resilient and brave and messy. And when I say messy I mean - so much pee outside the toilet. With Preston I have always been adamant that he's included. And Caleb makes it impossible not to include him. We are proud and anticipatorily weary and a family. We make lots of mistakes and celebrate lots of victories. The thing I want people to know most is that it's okay. If you have a child with autism - it's going to be okay. You can feel the feelings and go through the therapies. But you don't have to put shame and fear up on the mantle and accept them as permanent fixtures in your home. Autism is just fine. Preston loves facial hair. Caleb loves the alphabet. And I love them. And Netflix."

Spectrum Inspired.