The Warawa Family| Alberta, Canada| Marsha Peacock Photography

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"Alexi....Happy, Gentle, Beautiful soul."

Gorgeous imagery by Marsha Peacock Photography, words by Alexi's Mama.

 "Our story... where do I start... how about December 5, 2014. that was the day Alexi was diagnosed. I was at the Dr appointment, by myself with him because I didn't think he would be on the spectrum afterall. I wished my husband would of been there. He was on the phone with me, when they told me. I remember thinking my whole world just crashed down on me. I'll never EVER forget that feeling. I was thankful though...he was only 2.5 years old and we got the diagnosis early. So from that moment on, I went into a little depression and didn't want to believe it. It was very hard to deal with. But once I faced it head on, I became his advocate. I put him into school that summer, at 3 years old, and he has been in since. I never thought he wouldn't speak to me though.... that's been very hard on us. But I started a blog one day, simply to speak my feelings  and to be support for anyone else in my shoes.  It ended up connecting me with great people who helped me make some major decisions for him. We purchased an iPad (500$) and an app (200$) that allows him to "speak".  He can form sentences from buttons that have pictures on them! It's really neat to see!  Now he says hi to people and he can engage in activities in school! It's been a miracle. And then.... the other night.... he said "I love you mommy" with his app. I just bawled my heart out. It was the first time in 4.5 years my son said I love you to me! I always felt his love, but hearing those words was life changing. 
We have been dealt a huge plate with Lex and his sister. On the 5th day of her life I received a phone called to tell me she has a very rare disease called PKU. My whole world crumbled yet again. But somehow I find the strength each day to provide for them both what they need and try to just be so happy for them!!!! 
No matter what happens though, I'm so glad that I have been dealt this hand as it makes me appreciate the little things now... and I love that. 
If Alexi can teach anyone anything., it's how to just love. He loves everyone and just wants everyone to be happy...and I think that's what life is about...
Thank you for reading my story!"

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