The Smith Family| Washington, DC| Angie Klaus Photography

Claire, age 10. "Always laughing, feisty, and strong-willed."

Imagery by the talented Angie Klaus Photography and words by Claire's loving mother,

"Our lives are very busy and chaotic with four children who all have different needs. Claire requires a great deal of time and attention. Although she has significant challenges she brings a lot of love to our family. In order to help Claire reach her fullest potential she has daily ABA therapy which means there are always therapists coming and going from our house. Our other children have a deep love for Claire but do sometimes struggle with the challenges of having her as a sister. 

Our family is not the typical one but it is ours and we embrace it!"


Thank you to the Smith family for opening the doors and letting Spectrum Inspired in to tell your story. It is so very clear that your home is filled with so much love and SO much laughter. 

Spectrum Inspired.