The Franks Family| Kintnersville, PA| Jillian B. Photography

Mason, Age 4. "a fun, loving, free spirit."

Words by Mason's incredible mother and imagery by the talented Jillian B. Photography.

"The journey of being new parents was a trip that Ryan and I were so happy be on! To this point in our lives all our babies were fur babies! Just about 4 weeks before by due date, in the middle of the night, I woke up to go to the bathroom like every very pregnant women does. This time, when I got back into bed, I found my spot between Ryan and our 3 dogs and 2 cat and realized my water broke. That was a very big surprise! Like two crazy, new, clueless first time parents we both had no idea what to do! Fast forward 6 hours and a very fast and necessary c-section MASON WAS HERE ! 

We were both very surprised to have a little boy! He was the perfect baby: easy, sweet and kind! He slept. He atet ! Everything was perfect and still is. However, we started to notice that he would never turn or notice when we came into the room. At first, we thought that he was deaf. I started to ask questions to the Doctor. At 18 months, we started the process of getting Mason in EI. Then at 22 month, one week after Harper was born, Mason started with EI. At 26 months, Mason was diagnosed with autism. Ryan and I fought hard.

Since the day we got our diagnosis, we have been on the move with 35 plus hours of therapy a week. Mason doesn't have a "normal" childhood and neither does Harper because we are always on the move trying to get to the next appointment. However, at the end of the day, when we hear Mason's little voice say, "goodnight" and  "ove you" (love you), I know we are doing the right thing for all of us!

Harper is our amazing little 2 year old . She is an old soul who truely loves her big brother! Mason is Harper's hero! She idealizes him, looks up to him, and sees him no differently! She will educate her little friends-- her dolls, teddys and fur siblings --always reminding them that, "it's ok my brother doesn't talk he is listening to us!"

My family is my life my husband works very hard for us! Working long hours and missing us but it allows me be able to stay home with the kids and give both Mason and Harper the best start that we can!"


...That you are Mamabear. That you are. 

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