The Putterman Family| Orange, CA| Heather Equitz Photography

Samuel, 5 years old, "curious, dynamic, bewitching."

Imagery by the talented Heather Equitz Photography. 

Bringing Samuel into this world was not an easy task for his mother and father who struggled with fertility issues from the start. However, they never lost hope, and eventually conceived. Unfortunately, curve balls continued to be thrown their way, and when Jessica was 26 weeks along, the couple received news that their baby boy most likely had a cleft of some sort and would likely have other issues due to his small size. While they were told they should consider terminating the pregnancy, they pushed on and still never lost hope. 

When Samuel was born on October 1st of 2011, he had endless doctor appointments and his mother started having some concerns about his development when he was only 2 weeks old. The doctors told her not to worry. Then, at 5 months old, after Samuel was given ear tubes and could hear again, his mother once again brought up her concerns about his development to his doctors and they once again told her not to worry. 

At age 2, Jessica had her son evaluated and they still did not offer an official diagnosis. At 2.5 years old, Jessica was finally heard and Samuel started with Group Therapy. However, their battle was not over yet. At age 3, they were told Samuel no longer needed therapy because he did not have an official diagnosis. 

It was not until Samuel was 3.5 that the Putterman family finally got the official diagnosis of autism for Samuel. It turns out, Jessica had been right all along. She knew that there was something more going on with her son. 

There has to be something said about a, "mother's instinct." Sometimes that instinct gets overlooked by doctors. Sometimes YOU, as the parent, know best. If we could offer you any bit of advice, it would be to listen to yourself and trust your gut. Keep pushing. Keep questioning. Never loose hope. Fight for your child-- just like Samuel's parents did. 

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