The Johnson Family | New York, New York | Tova Friedman

CharlieAnn, age 7, "happy, energetic, lovable"

Imagery by the talented Tova Friedman Photography

Words by CharlieAnn's Mom, 

"Wow, where do I start? Well I've had my daughter since she was 1 month old. I adopted her when she turned 2 and at 3 she was diagnosed with autism. It was rough at first, but as her parent I learned about this disability and became her biggest advocate. I learned about evaluations and special schools and resources and walks and support groups in one bunch. Someone one told me that God gives special children to special people, but I think differently. She is totally amazing. I had never even heard the word autism until she was diagnosed. Now its in my blood and I need to know everything and help anyone I can. I started doing Autistic play dates with other parents so we can share info help each other out."

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