The Iddings Family| Frankfort, Indiana| Casey and Her Camera

Landry, age 3, "fun, energetic, spunky" 

Imagery by one of our incredible photographers, Casey of Casey and Her Camera

And words by Landry's mother,

"When Landry was 18 months, the doctor asked, "have you heard of Autism?"

I said, "not really."

Then the journey began.

Test after test after test. I would cry every night.

I was only 21 years old, how could I handle all this? Why was my son going through this?

When he turned 2 1/2 years old, we got the official Autism diagnosis. I knew it was coming, and I told myself previously that I would be okay and that my son was still the same-- but still, I cried in the doctors office. 

Landry is non-verbal, so he has absolutely no words. No sounds. Nothing. That's what I think is the hardest part. Hearing them explain all that in medical terms is HARD.

We started services with Early Intervention and he got speech therapy, Occupational therapy, and Developmental therapy. They were helping, but he still wasn't progressing on his words.

I still cried every night.

I just wanted to hear, "mommy."

Now that he's 3 1/2, almost 4, I have realized that he may never talk and I may only get the grunts and moans and I've become okay with that. He's progressing in school developmentally and if he can do that than I can progress and let go of the fear that he will never talk. He's a happy little boy and knows nothing else so that's all that matters.

I don't know what the future holds for us, or for him, but I do know that I will be right by his side supporting him- advocating for him- loving him- and being his voice whenever I can be. Autism hasn't changed who my son is, and it may have taken me a tiny amount of time to realize that but now that I have, I see what a blessing it is to be the parent to an autistic child.

I am blessed. We are blessed."

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