The Wigmore Family | Alberta, Canada| Sara Jewell Photography

Easton, age 5, "Absolutely hilarious! He is honestly one of the most funny kids I have ever known and probably the most loving too. He loves everybody and has such an infectious personality."

Imagery by the incredible Sara Jewell of Sara Jewell Photography. 

Words by both Sara Jewell and Easton's mother. 

When Sara shared the beautiful session she did with this incredible family with us, we were completely blown away by how authentically she was able to capture Easton. We are absolutely certain that this family will cherish these images forever and we are so happy to share them with you all today.

When we asked Sara why this session moved her so much, she said, "you can't help but love on this little boy - his curiosity and wonder for life touched me to the core. This little boy sees the world with such wonder, as if he is seeing and living it for the very first time. He makes the simple magical and the extraordinary seem out of this world. You sometimes need people in your life just life Easton to remind how lucky you are and how wonderful even the simple things in life are."

Sara goes on to say, 

"The day that your child is brought into the world is meant to be one of the most exciting days of your life...but sadly for this family, it was quite different. My heart went out to them when I read about their story."

Words from Easton's mother: 
"Easton was born on Jan 13, 2012. We were so excited to bring him into the world. What was supposed to be the happiest day of our life quickly turned to the scariest. Easton was born with a lack of oxygen and the doctors were very concerned that he may have had meningitis. He was rushed to a different hospital before I even had a chance to lay eyes on him. It wasn't until 3 days later when I was released from the hospital that I was finally able to meet and hold my beautiful baby boy! Easton spent a period of time in the NICU and we were so relieved when we finally got to bring him home. He was a perfect baby-- hardly ever fussed and slept like a rock. When Easton was about 18 months old we started to notice that he was falling behind other kids his age. He started walking really late and we were very worried about his speech delay and social skills. We knew in our hearts for a long time that Easton had autism. He was officially diagnosed in October of 2015. Even though we already knew it in our hearts, hearing it officially felt like being punched in the stomach. We felt anger, sadness and worry about what the future would hold for our family. After a few weeks of grieving for the life we thought our son would have, life got back to normal and we soon realized that Easton was the exact same goofy, Loving, happy little boy that he was before he was diagnosed and we still have so many wonderful hopes and dreams for his future.

Easton has touched our lives more than I ever thought possible and he has touched so many lives around him....Our family always says "that boy is going to do great things one day..there is just something special about him. Easton has an incredibly infectious laugh and personality that draws people in. He has a way of seeing the world in a way that I am actually jealous of. If the whole world could love as hard as Easton does, it would be a much happier place." 

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