The Rounsville Family | Massachusetts | Kristin Chalmers Photography

Luke, age 10, "he is sweet and lovable and a little bit mischievous. He has stolen many a heart with his giggle and smile!"

Imagery by the incredible Kristin Chalmers Photography and words by Luke's Momma.

"Our son Luke turned 10 in July. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes and beautiful smile. We knew something was different about Luke right after he was born. He didn't cry right away and was really floppy. He didn't meet a milestone except smiling and laughing remotely on time. He is completely non-verbal. I would give just about anything to hear what goes on in his mind as I know it would be riveting... Luke did not walk until he was almost 3.5 years old. We were not sure he ever would! He now runs and is working on jumping and riding a bike.

I know I am biased being his Mom but at all of his schools and therapy programs Luke has wrapped everyone around his little finger. He has a quiet charm and sweetness about him when he is happy that is nothing short of magnetic.

Luke has many struggles in life but he never gives up. His patience and kindness are amazing for a kid who has no real vehicle of communication. I am proud to share our story."

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