The Shepard Family | Massachusetts | Jen Bilodeau Photography

Ben, age 4, "Joyful, Active, Musical."

Imagery by the incredible Jen Bilodeau Photography and words by Ben's incredible mother,

"We are the Shepards. My husband and I met online because otherwise I'm not sure we would have met. I thought he looked like Matt Damon and he had a thing for Asian woman.

Fast forward two years later, we got married and our 1st child was born. Paul is now seven years old.

Fast forward three years later, Ben was born.

The last time we had a professional family photo, Ben was nine months old and pre-diagnosis.  Just shy of his second birthday, we received the diagnosis of autism. Ben was born on Christmas Eve and so he is the best holiday present ever!

Ben is now four years old now and his older brother, Paul is seven.

At this point I would love to capture our family post diagnosis to capture the beauty of our life now. We have over two years under our belt and we're ready to capture how grown the boys have become."

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