The Brandt Family | The Leo Loves | Oceanside, CA

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Alex, age 3, "he is complex-- on the outer layer, he is rough and tough, Inside, he is truly a big softy and very lovable and sweet. He is always happy unless he is dealing with overstimulation."

Imagery by the talented Erin Brant of The Leo Loves. 

Words by Alex's adoring mom, She-Ra,

"The last time we had family photos taken was a October 2015 and Alex cried for great deal of it. We also had this session at the beach before we realized how Alex would react to it. We were unable to get a solo photo of him during this session and we were barely able to get a photo of all three children together. Juliana our oldest was holding Alex in her lap while he was screaming and trying to escape her grasp. The entire session was very stressful.

Our Autism Story.

Our sweet Alex was diagnosed with Hyperlexia December 2015 and ASD Level 2 officially in January 2017, but we weren’t surprised with it. Navigating this new world has been a constant learning experience for our family. Learning how to balance the many needs of Alex without having them completely take over our family and overshadow the needs for our other children, has been difficult. 

Alex may come across as “difficult” to those that don’t know him but he truly is the sweetest little boy! He is also very affectionate, and he loves to give and receive hugs and kisses from us. He has this zest for life, that honestly, I wouldn’t have expected a child his age to have. He can light up a room and fill it with joy with his sweet spirit and melt your heart with his dimpled smile. I couldn’t imagine our family without Alex, he completes our family and we feel blessed that we are the ones to love on nurture this sweet boy."

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