The Mondaca Family | Arizona | Jocelyn Collins Photography

Jayden, age 3, "very loving."

Imagery by the talented Jocelyn Collins Photography.

Jayden was diagnosed with autism when he was almost 3 yrs old. At that time, his mother said she felt as though their "world collapsed." Beginning your autism journey as a family is difficult, and too often, as the parents, we get lost in a sea of brochures, books, blogs, and recommendations. Where do we start? What is the first step? How do we make everything go back to normal? It's intense and overwhelming and more than anything, confusing. Jayden's parents struggled to find the right therapies and found themselves on many waiting lists. And yet, here they are, a little more seasoned on their journey and seeing Jayden learn and laugh and improve his skills every single day.

We don't know about you-- but these images prove to us that while the autism journey may not always be easy and it is certainly not one-size-fits-all, but it is absolutely full of love and beauty and happiness.

And family always wins.

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