Jacob | Arizona | Blaire Hawes

This beautiful session was documented by autism momma and volunteer photographer, Blaire Hawes. Thank you Blaire for your dedication to our mission to raise authentic autism awareness.

Jacob, age 3,  "sweet and loving little boy. Beyond smart. Loves his older sister and enjoys giving big squeezes(hugs)."

This session is a little extra special because Jacob's aunt Kayla filled out the application to surprise her sister. On the application Kayla says, "she is so wonderful with him. Jacob is full of life. I want his little spirit and personality frozen for her to always have." Another thing that makes this session special is that Jacob had just welcomed a new baby into his family and Blaire was able to document all three siblings together. 

Aunt Kayla goes on to share their autism story, 

 Little Jacob is one of the biggest blessing to our family. He was diagnosed on the spectrum at age two. My sister and her husband moved in with my parents because she is a flight attendant, and she wanted the consistency and comfort of Jacob always being home. He has an older sister Addisyn and another sibling on the way due in October. Our entire family is so involved with him. I want to suprise my mom and sister with these photos, so that they always have these moments (and little Jacob) as memories.

Sarah Driscoll