The Ginty Family | Arizona | Yellow Room Photography

This beautiful Spectrum Inspired Session was documented by Jocelyn of Yellow Room Photography in Phoenix. Thank you Jocelyn for volunteering your time and documenting this wonderful family that has been touched by autism for us.

Odin Ginty SI session 2018-6.jpg

Words by Odin’s mother, Theresa,

“Odin came into my care Jan 2016 as a foster child. When I first got him he could not talk, all he would do was cry and scream as his way to communicate. At the time he had a diagnosis of neglect. About 6 months after he moved in he got a diagnosis of autism, PTSD and separation anxiety. He has changed so much in the last two years. With intense speech therapy he can now talk in full sentences and talks all the time. He also has a love for life, he wants to live life to the fullest. When I first got Odin his eyes were so dull, like life was just stolen from him. Now he always has a sparkle in his eyes. Odin loves trying new things and is not scared of anything! God has worked it out that May 16th I will be able to adopt him and we will forever be together.”

Here is Odin and his amazing family’s session:

Odin Ginty SI session 2018-1.jpg
Spectrum Inspired