The Lundmarks |Alexandria, VA| Angie Klaus Photography + Films

This session was photographed by the incredible Angie Klaus Photography + Films. Thank you Angie for always being such a beautiful and positive influence in our Spectrum Inspired community.

Ryland, age 6

Words by Ryland's mother. 

"Ryland was born on March 5 and all seemed ok but when I think back to even that first night at the hospital he seemed way more fussy than my daughter had been. I even remember around 8 weeks laying him on his belly for tummy time and him not being able to lift his head up. I was a mess, but you keep thinking, 'well he hates tummy time so if he doesn't like that how is he going to strengthen those muscles.' Then, at 9 months, he still couldn't sit up unassisted, so at his well visit, as I was sobbing uncontrollably, a referral for a PT was made. A week later he was sitting up, and I thought, 'thank goodness, I can relax.' During this time, no attempt for crawling was ever made, he bum shuffled everywhere, then there was the 'as long as he is moving, he is fine.'

Ryland did not walk until he was 21 months old. There were constant appointments back and forth and a lot of wait-and-sees. I kept noticing (and soon the pediatrician too) that there was a lack of speech, fine motor skills, etc. 

When Ryland was born, our daughter Kylie was about to turn 3 and I feel bad because I don't remember those years now. There was so much worry and stress throughout those years. We were living in a hell and I don't know how we survived — milestones were delayed or even missed. In the back of my mind I kept saying 'I think he has autism' but Ryland was always so social. A mothers intuition is always right.

Then the seizures began. They were few and far between in the beginning but then they began to creep up weekly and then sometimes two in one day! Now, we have all these diagnosis: autism, ADHD, anxiety, Rolandic seizures, and global delay. The end of last year was really bad. Ryland regressed a lot and we really don't know why. Ryland has worked his little hiney off. He is in private OT, speech, and is getting ready to start ABA therapy. He is progressing and I feel like he is back to where he was last year before the decline.

So we keep pushing forward and looking toward our future. With love. Lots and lots of love. 

Sarah Driscoll