The Newman Family | Texas | Ollipop Photography

 "Our family is loud and proud. We are crazy and fun. When we first tried to start our family, we were told we would never have any kids. After two years of fertility treatments we were blessed with Eli. He came to us with a surprise extra chromosome and was just diagnosed with autism in the fall of 2017. Shortly after Eli was born, we adopted our daughter ruby who was diagnosed with autism in the spring of 2017. Wyatt was our surprise. 

Three children under the age of three.

We went from no children to a family of 5 in two years. Our arms are full but our hearts are bursting. We love this bunch and our crazy is just normal to us. We value and cherish photos because my husband'family didn’t take many and my family lost every image of our childhood to mold.

Documenting this wild season and my heart beating outside of my body is invaluable." -Mama Newman

A HUGE thank you to the amazing Jacque Jackson of Ollipop Photography for documenting this gorgeous family!

Coleen Hodges