The Decker Family | Arizona | Co Hodges

This is the second time I've had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family. I met Rochelle when we first launhed Spectrum Inspired. She was and still is one of biggest fans and supporters, as well as one of the toughest Autism Mamas that I know. Here are her words about their journey...

Every time I am talking about my children and I explain my son has Autism I hear the sigh followed by “I am sorry”. When I say he has autism I am not saying he is “less than perfect”, I am simply explaining that our life is exceptional. Our life is different and doesn’t always fit the typical mold, but it’s “perfect”. Our family is kind, compassionate, and put on this earth to spread exactly that. That is why I no longer fear the sigh and apology, I am ready for it. I am ready to provide the knowledge I have been given to spread compassion for what may be different or considered imperfect. With all we know in our world and yet our exceptional people still fear judgement and cruelty. Our family was given a child that is not just like his peers but he is everything he is supposed to be. His heart is pure, his mind is intelligent, his words are real and his smile spreads love and joy. What else could a human ask for? If I was asked what I choose for my children the answer is simple “selfless love for others.” How blessed we are as this is exactly what we have been given. Autism is our gift and we will unwrap it’s beauty each and every day as a family.

We are the Decker’s and we have Autism.

Coleen Hodges