Seth | Arizona | Melissa Lane Photography

We get A LOT of applications for family sessions.  We will be completely honest and say MOST of them make us cry (yes we are criers).  This one, however, stopped us in our tracks, as it was a woman applying on behalf of her sister and sweet nephew.  The application started with.... "I am requesting on behalf of my sister.  I know she'd be thrilled to be a part of this opportunity, but would never ever ask."

THIS is why we do what we do.  For those who might never ask.  For those who don't have beautiful documentation of their loved ones.  For those who work hard every single day to make the best possible life for their children.

Here are some words from our amazing photographer, Melissa Lane, who captured Seth and his family in their home....

"My nerves began to kick in as Siri guided me through the rural desert roads, closer and closer to the address provided on the application. I didn’t know much about the family I was about to meet, other than they had a son named Seth who loves legos, puppets and is on the spectrum. I was warmly greeted by his mother Lynn, who introduced me to Seth. My nerves were instantly set at ease. Seth is my kind of people. We instantly had a comfort with one another. Like slipping on an old pair of shoes. His bow tie and genuine smile overshadowed the rigid and rehearsed greeting. And of course grandma was there to remind him of any niceties or manners forgotten. While dad was in the kitchen making one of Seth’s favorite snacks, Seth took me into his room to show me his collection of puppets. He introduced me to them one by one. Each of them equally special. After getting sidetracked with a Furbee revival, the family gathered to play a round of Sorry. The rest of my time spent I witnessed an outpouring of admiration and love, not only for Seth, but for all members of the family. Popcorn was flying, stories were shared, and lots of laughter filled the air. Grandma knitted while she watched adoringly and I felt so very lucky to be there. After a few lovely hours I said goodbye to Seth and his family. Lynn walked me to my car and thanked me for the work we do through Spectrum Inspired. She said that her sister applied for Seth because she herself didn’t feel they were worthy of this gift...that perhaps Seth was not the typical face of Autism. She said she felt maybe a family with more struggle should have this gift. I assured her that we are representative of ALL individuals on the spectrum. After all it is just array, a scope, a gamut of differences, all with their own beauty, hardship, strength, struggle and accomplishment.  All families deserve to document their story. I am so thankful that Lynn’s sister nominated Seth. It was a session that filled my cup in so many ways. I definitely left their home with a renewed sense of the importance of the work we do."

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Coleen Hodges