The Diaz Family | San Diego | Andora Photography

This beautiful Spectrum Inspired Session was documented by Kim of Andora Photography in San Diego. Thank you to Kim for her volunteer work with us and for being so honest in her documentation of this beautiful family touched by autism.


Words by Alex’s mother, Briana,

“Being an 18 year old and 20 year old first time parents, I thought the only thing we had to worry about was feeding our child and making sure they were safe and healthy. I didn’t read one pregnancy book and had little family support. Whn Alex was a newborn I remember thinking why did we get such a difficult baby?!.. Alex didn’t sleep or eat well and it eemed like he was always fussy and crying. When he was almost 1 year old I started to notice weird things like him not responding to his name and I always felt like he wouldn’t really look me in the eyes and I never had his full attention. Of course I looked that up and first thing I thought was that maybe it was autism. In my opinion I didn’t feel like he was where he should be developmentally for his age. So I got him assesed at his pediatric development center and he did get approve for early intervention services and started speech therapy at one and a half. Most of my family, some friends, and even his father disagreed with what I was doing and didn’t believe anything was ‘wrong’ with Alex. But I did my research and I just ignored everyone. He turned 3 years old this month, is still receiving services, and does have an autism diagnosis. We are still young parents, things are still financially hard, Alex still has autism, but we’re also still here. Alex has showed me the TRUE meaning of patience, along with so many other life changing things. Alex is the best thing that could have ever happened to someone like me. Everyday we continue to learn from each other and that’s something I could’ve never imagined I would have with my child.”

Here is beautiful Alex and his sweet family’s session:

Sarah Driscoll