Rush Family | Arizona | Agnes Art & Photo

This beautiful Spectrum Inspired Session was documented by Heather of Agnes Photo & Art in Arizona. Thank you Heather for volunteering your time and documenting this lovelyl family that has been touched by autism for us. Thank you to the Rush family for allowing us to document a sliver of your day too.


Meet Emily. Emily’s mum Kimberly describes Emily as “sparkling, bubbly and moody”. She shares some o their story below..

“I was very young when I had emily, I had the dream of me and emily being like the Gilmore girls that bond that they had best friends forever. When emily was born she didn’t bond with me with breastfeeding she wanted the bottle right away I knew she would be very independent. She did everything on time and some things like walking very early. When she was 2 everything went away she only wanted to play alone and had no time for me in her world. The drs told me this was normal for a young mom and I wasn’t spending enough time with her. At the age of 4 we finally found out she had autism and she started school right away. This did seem to help she enjoyed being with other kids but she still did not speak. She contiuned to do well at that school for 3 years when they decided she longer was able to stay in their program and moved her to a different school. Her behavior got really bad and the school was not sticking to her isp and everything she worked so hard on slipped away .

We then started homeschooling and after about a year she completely changed she started talking a little bit and all those behavior issues were going away we did speech OT and PT at home and went on outings and joined some sport groups she still didnt want to talk to other kids but she would play with her brother and talk and hang out with us more she was 9 when we started homeschooling. At about 13 she started asking to go to school to make friends in san Antonio. I was not ok with her going to a public school and I could not afford the special education schools in our area. My husband found out that there were alot of schools in Arizona so we decided to try to move there. With great luck my husband was able to find a job here and we moved pretty fast we moved here in July 2016. We had to wait a year for Emily to approve for esa and get set up at her school . 

She attended her 1st year this last year and oh my what a huge difference it had made in our lives. She talks alot and finally had friends and has sleep over and outings she is so happy it is a huge change from the life we use to have. I always felt like she was lonely and wanted to be with other kids and was just scared and in this school she doesn't need to be scared. She is involved in special Olympic, loves doing cheer and loves hanging out with her friends.. its hard to believe that we even had all those rough years because these last 2 years of her growing and being happy has certainly made it all worth it. I love Emilys story, she had many rough years and she has over come so much by remaining positive and not giving up. Her dream is to be a baker, get married and have kids. I believe if she keeps working hard like she has been that those are things that can definitely happen, she is loving and caring , with such a bright and glittery personality with a touch of moodiness. “

Ellie Meachem