The Au-Some A-Squad | Thank You For Sharing Your World | Written by Megan Elizabeth

To my boys-

Today I say thank you.

Thank you for sharing your world with me. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for your grace.

This world of yours is a new territory for me. Things here are shades of grey instead of the black and white that I’m used too. Your world consists of different ideas, different way of doing things, and different priorities.

Learning your world has been life changing. Your world doesn’t follow anyone else’s timeline. Your world moves at a slower pace- your pace. Your world allows for smaller moments to be appreciated more. Your world allows for a deeper appreciation of hard work and endless tries.

Your world has its own language, filled with pictures, body language, and intuition. Verbal language is not needed in your world. Communication exists in all different forms and it builds deeper connections. In your world, I have learned how to interpret vocalizations, gestures, and emotions.

In your world, happiness and beauty can be found everywhere. A simple walk through the park and feeling the wind hit your face is something we celebrate. Sitting by a stream and watching the water rush over the rocks is like a vacation. An evening of endless swinging and an ice cream cone is like winning the lottery. An afternoon of jumping up and down in the pool until your legs grow tired is complete euphoria.

Your world highlights the compassion of others. No act of kindness is taken for granted. In your world we see people wanting to learn, wanting to be inclusive, and wanting to help.

Your world has the power to change people. It has changed me. It teaches us how to slow down, to be grateful for everything we have, and to appreciate hard work. It inspires us to be kind to others, to help others, and to fight for others when needed.

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So today, my boys, I say thank you. Thank you for allowing me into this world of yours. Thank you for being patient with me as I learn how things work here. Thank you for showing me grace when I make mistakes while trying to learn what is best for you. This world is different to me, but it’s all you know.

Sure, I could spend my time stuck in my own world, and trying to force you into it as well. But why would I want too?

Being in your world, with you, is exactly where I want to be.

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Megan Elizabeth