The Sexton Family|Chicago|Adri DeLaCruz Photographer

Beautiful words by Mama Sexton.  Gorgeous imagery by Adri De La Cruz, Photographer.  

"I have three Children. All have received a medical diagnosis of Autism and Sensory Processing disorder. My 2 boys are nonverbal."

"All three of my children are unique in their own way. Blake is very passive with a take it or leave it personality. When he wants to cuddle make time because his hugs are the best! Brody is very bubbly but stubborn and very set in his ways. He will make you stop what your doing to dance with him :-) Brynn is of course the princess and makes sure everyone knows she is in the room. She is silly yet apologetic if she is the doing something wrong. She has a BIG girl attitude in a little body!"

"I am always told 'I don't know how you do it, 3 kids with autism.' My response is always the same...'How could I not, they're my kids.'  These photos are a chance to bring us together to show how hard the kids fight for acceptance and how autism doesn't have a 'look'."

"My children are my world and they come first."

Spectrum Inspired.