Our mission at Spectrum Inspired is to raise awareness for Autism through documentary photography. We tell these real-life, authentic stories through unposed, natural moments. Our photographer volunteers are vital in being able to tell more stories and touch more hearts. We want to show the world what it is like to live with Autism and just how broad the spectrum is. We are so thankful to those who have played apart in our mission. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

When you apply to become a S.I. photographer, you are giving your time to a wonderful cause. We ask that you provide the session free of charge as well as the digital images. If the client would like to order prints and products from you, that is at your digression and you may proceed as normal. We will also ask that all families who come to you for an S.I. session go through our application process. In the application, the family will be asked to tell their story and take their time in doing so. We will only approve free sessions for families who have taken the time to fill out applications thoughtfully. This is about bottling up the beautiful struggles and successes of these families and we want all parties involved to pour their hearts into this movement. 


  • Photographer must have experience working with children other than their own and have a vast portfolio full of various ages. 
  • Photographer must shoot mostly documentary styled photography (un-posed, natural moments).
  • Photographer must have a web and social media presence (we want you to be able to help share these stories and raise awareness online).
  • Photographer must show that they use proper lighting and have worked in various lighting situations (including indoors). 
  • Proof of having a legal business and liability insurance.