We would not be able to do what we do here at Spectrum Inspired without the always growing and unfailing support of our tribe.  

In 2017, we would like to open the doors to welcome corporate/small business sponsors. This move was inspired by a wonderful company, Tribe Red Leaf, who has taken it upon themselves to encourage us in our mission this year.  Please support them while you are shopping.  Help us encourage other businesses to follow their example so that we may paint the world blue, together. 


One of our biggest supporters throughout 2016 has been Tribe Red Leaf.  They've graciously donated both moral and monetary support to our cause and we could not be more thankful. Tribe Red Leaf also sponsors our photographers with discount codes and an up and coming exclusive preset.  



Are you a business that would like to support a beautiful cause? Spectrum Inspired may be the perfect fit. 

By supporting Spectrum Inspire, your business is helping to celebrate every unique spirit who comes to us. You are helping us tell stories and spread Autism awareness. You are showing the world that Autism should not be feared, but celebrated. 

We believe in this cause. We believe that there are stories that need to be told. We believe that, as photographers, we are writing the future and telling the world to look this way, Notice the unique. Cherish it. Accept it. Be aware of it. 

Now we need your help. Will you stand beside us in this movement?