Joaquin| Indianapolis, Indiana| Casey and her camera

This session was shot Casey Rucinski of Casey and Her Camera in Indianapolis, Indiana where a beautiful, 10 year old boy named Joaquin lives. Casey, thank you for taking your time to shoot this beautiful family and for documenting --so authentically-- the beauty and determination of Joaquin. 

Words from Joaquin's mother,

"My name is Maria , I have 6 kids-- one of my oldest is Joaquin. He was diagnosed with ASD when he was 7 years old, and has had a difficult time in his short life." 

Joaquin is nonverbal, and has recently started receiving Behavior therapies that are helping him so much. Although words do not come easy for Joaquin, his mother noted that he has started saying single words since therapy has begun and has even memorized his address.

Now stop, right now and acknowledge what you are taking for granted in your life. This sweet boy is just learning to speak, and works every single day harder than you and I just to communicate in words. He deserves a pat on the back, he deserves to be seen, and he deserves to be cheered for and celebrated. He is doing amazing. So, if nothing else, look at his beautiful face in these photographs and respect him and his mother and his 5 siblings and his entire family for never giving up and for being there for him and supporting him unconditionally.

Maria goes on to say, "life has been difficult for all of us. Our situation is starting to get better, my heart is full of love, my 6 kids are the most important thing in my life, and I would love for my children to have a great lives though we are not wealthy. But the love that I feel for my own kids and God is more important than money."

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