The Pena-Gonzalez Family: A Session for Jonah

We would like for you to meet Jonah and his family.  Jonah is on the autism spectrum and his family's first language is Spanish.  There wasn't much conversation during our session but the love I documented with my camera transcended speech and language.  


You see, Jonah is non-verbal as well - he's amazing - he's beautiful - and he inspires many.  

This session embodies what it's like to live with autism and persevere through the challenges so many families are faced with ever so often. If you're reading this - no matter your language - it's certain that you'll relate to what I'm about to say: an autism diagnosis isn't an easy fix - it's merely a starting point.  It's complexities require extensive treatment - several specialists - and it's truly a journey that requires patience, faith, and a long list of resources.  

Can you imagine - for a moment  what it must be like to face that journey with an added language barrier?  

Now, you must think that's the entire gist of this post but I assure you: It's not.  

Jonah's mother, Monica, founded her own non-profit that bridges the gap between the hispanic community and autism resources.  You can find it here: Jonah's Labyrinth.

Their mission is, 

"To provide information and resources to help children with autism and their families to live better lives in the Hispanic community."

Please take a moment to read more about Jonah's Labyrinth's mission here:

Without further ado, here are some images of Jonah's family - it's easy to see why Jonah inspires so many people - We know he'll inspire you too! 

Courtesy of Jamie Nicole Scott, photographer | Indiana

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