The McKee Family: A Session for Grant | Indianapolis, Indiana

It was a pleasure to photograph Grant and his family.  Grand has two brothers, one sister, a beautiful mama and a father he simply adores.  I'd love to allow Grant's mother, Kathleen, a chance to share their story.  

When I was pregnant with Grant, it was problems right from the get go. At 8 weeks we had our first scan and the doctor immediately knew there were problems. He had a profound Cystic Hygroma on his neck, indicative of major problems.She told us our best case scenario was possibly Down Syndrome. We were told to do testing, which all came back negative for any chromosomal abnormalities. We were so relieved, but with the hygroma still there, we were told he still had very little chance of survival . We waited until 26 weeks and had the heart tests done. Again negative, but the abnormal growth on his neck was still there. We still weren’t given much reassurance all would be ok. We came back at 32 weeks, and it was still there. Our maternal fetal medicine doctor simply sat with us and asked if she could say a prayer with us. Two days later at a rescan, all abnormalities were gone. There was no trace what so ever that ANYTHING was wrong. We were told he was a miracle child. When he was born, he was and still is perfect. A healthy 8 lb, 8 oz baby boy. That scary, unknown time, prepared us for so much more uncertainty a couple years later.

Grant struggled with speech and social interaction. I knew in my heart, from an early age, he was autistic. We did all the early intervention and didn’t seek a diagnosis until he turned 3. Grant was non-verbal when he was diagnosed. He was so - so hard. He had horrible temper tantrums and significant delays in so many areas. We started intense therapy and he has come so far. We learn so much from Grant every day. Having 3 younger siblings has taught him a lot as well.
— Kathleen McKee
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