The Dantowitz Family | Massachusetts | Leah LaRiccia Photography


Emmett, age 6, 

"Joyful, funny, inspiring."

Imagery by the talented Leah LaRiccia Photography .

Words by Emmett's mom, 

Emmett was like any other child, he was the adorable little blond neighborhood boy. One day he just stopped progressing, and started losing speech. I immediately contacted our local early intervention who assessed Emmett and told us he was ahead of the curve. One week later he had lost almost ALL his words but three; Momma, Milk and cup. He stopped eating all of his favorite foods, and he stopped engaging.

THROUGH teams of professionals and so much love and support from family, Emmett has worked endlessly to regain his words, to relearn skills and to continue to grow and thrive in a community where he just hasn't figured out how to fit. He works harder than many adults on a daily basis to pay attention, to engage his peers, and to find meaning and expression through words again. His siblings help him whenever and however they can, whether it's creating new games he will join them in playing, or reinforcing words or skills. It takes a village and we would be lost with out his speech therapists, his OTs, ABA team, and his teachers and paras, but more important without the love and support we receive and give to each other.

As parents it is near impossible to make all three of our children feel equally important, when therapy is always a priority, but we try every day. We also think it is essential to give back to the community, so his parents are very involved in the local Special Education Parents advisory community but more, his Mom is a parent leader at The Autism Program at Boston Medical. As a peer support, Faith has found meaning through the experience of Autism in giving back to other parents seeking help with their Autistic children. 

Each of our children are the most precious gifts, each of them have brought so much joy as well as ample chaos into our world!

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