Instagram Spotlight: @Hannahvoermans

Did you know that over on our Instagram, we feature new mommas/daddys/photographers weekly? Our takeovers may just be one of our favorite things about social media and connecting to the beautiful tribe of people in this universe who are touched by autism. 

Last week the beautiful Hannah (@hannahvoermans) slayed us with the incredible images of her daughter Ella and the authentic, honest, and bare-boned stories she shared with us. 

Here is just a lovely little snippet of Hannah and Ella's story but we urge you to head over to our instagram and follow the honesty, creativity and community we are fostering over there. It's a beautiful thing when the world comes together to share stories and understanding. Let's paint instagram bright blue. 

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Hannah's words: 

"My husband Mike, our sweet daughter Ella, and I live in the suburbs in Minnesota with our lovable pitbull and two lazy kitties. I'm a part time photographer and full time mama, and I love chasing my dream hi and staying home with my girl at the same time. Ella was diagnosed with Autism shortly after her second birthday. She was born healthy, we had an easy delivery, and she grew like a weed, walking by 10 months old. She has always been super snuggly, goofy, and curious. She hit all her milestones on time, until around 16 months old, when we realized she hadn't spoken any new words in a couple months.

At her 18 month checkup, we raised our concerns to our pediatrician, who told us not to worry, that some kids just talk late. There were other signs too, but we were first tine parents and didn't know "normal" looked like. Sure, it seemed a little odd how much she loved stacking blocks (and how GOOD she was at it) She didn't always answer to her name, she was generally uninterested in our pets and strangers and other kids. Im an introvert, so I thought maybe she was too? 

I started to look into speech delayed, and found the word "autism." I read the definition and the tell-tale signs, and I wept, for days it seems. Mike has seen it too, and we just knew, deep in our hearts, that this was our future. Oh, how I wish I could go back to that day with a hug and tell myself it would be okay. That we would learn that yes, she does have autism, and yes, we are okay. In fact, we are great." 

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