Ramm Family | Albany, NY | Lauren Kirkham Photography

This awesome Spectrum Inspired Session was documented by Lauren of Lauren Kirkham Photography. Thank you Lauren for volunteering your time and documenting this gorgeous family that has been touched by Autism for us.


This is Nathan, Nathans mum Sallee describes Nathan as “Nathan is a loving five year old boy! His smile brights up the darkest of days. He is generally pretty quiet, but when he says “I love you”, my heart just melts. He loves running, jumping, singing and even snuggling on occasion.” and shares a snippet of their journey with us below..

“Nathan was our third boy, an amazing little red head with an instant smile who captured our hearts at once. When he was 3 months old, he stopped breathing, had a seizure and I had to do CPR on him. This was the single most terrifying moment of my life. We started to see specialist after specialist. Every time one cleared us, a weight was lifted. We just wanted him to have a happy and normal life. At 12 months old, he was a little behind on some milestones. But he was our third boy. He didn’t have to ask for anything. We anticipated all his needs. He had big brothers who shared toys, he didn’t have to ask for them. He was a quiet boy but loving to our family. However, he did not engage with other kids, no shadow playing, no acknowledgement of friends, and only spoke a few words. So we added another specialist and at 18 months, he was diagnosed with Autism. This news hit us just as hard as the day I did CPR. At first there was denial, then anger, extreme sadness and self blame, mourning of the life we wanted for him, and finally acceptance. We educated ourselves, spoke to our older boys about Autism, and started advocating for what would help Nathan. We started therapy through early intervention to give him the tools he needed to communicate and progress developmentally and academically. Now he is in a special education preschool and will start kindergarten in the fall. 
We fill our home with love and structure. His brothers are more empathetic than most kids ever become. We treat all the boys the same with the understanding that sometimes we take extra breaks, or sometimes Nathan needs directions repeated. We hug, we kiss, we laugh, and we grow as a family. Autism has not crippled us. It does not define us. It is just part of us like having red hair or being left handed. Love is what we choose to define us as a family and in our community.”

Ellie Meachem