Spencer & Family | Walnutport, PA | Elaina B. Photography

This beautiful in home Spectrum Inspired session was documented by Elaina of Elaina B. Photography. Thank you Elaina for volunteering your time to document Spencer and his family.

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Samantha, (Spencers mum) says.. “Spencer is an energetic, smart, and sensitive little man. When he is obsessed with something, just seeing it will put a huge smile on his face. He loves his little brother, and hugs him all the time. He loves to rock him in the swing, and speaks gibberish to him, constantly putting a smile on his little bubbas face. He hates loud noises, but absolutely loves train noises! He is constantly attached to mommy, and loves getting cuddles.” and she shares a little of their story so far with us below..

“We started this Autism journey when Spencer was about 11 months old. I always knew something was different with him, he had little quirks such as hand flapping, constantly obsessing over kicking (to an over extent), spinning with his eyes to the side. However at the time, his vocabulary was blossoming and he was ahead on all of the development charts. When he was 13 months old he began to walk. 

I remember I kept telling everyone that I was concerned, and I knew something was different. Everyone continually told me I was crazy, he was fine! By 15 months old, Spencer lost his entire vocabulary. He started having 6-12 meltdowns every day. I was physically and emotionally drained. At 20 months old we decided to finally get him evaluated through early intervention. When they were done they found that he was severely behind in all categories. He began getting therapy twice a week, occupational & special teacher. Within weeks we had seen improvements. One therapist warned me, to prepare myself for a diagnosis. I started researching Developmental Peds, and found one that I loved... However we needed answers and she couldn’t take us until June. We decided to take him to a psychologist, and she found that he was Autistic. 

To be honest, I thought that I was going to be upset when we got our diagnosis. In reality, I was so happy! I knew at that moment we could start getting the help we needed & I also got the confirmation that I was not crazy. From that moment, we knew things would be different. 

He’s been in therapy 3 months now, and he’s made amazing strides. He tries to speak, he uses sign language to try communicating, and he’s making better eye contact! This journey has been amazing, through the ups and downs, but our little guy is more than worth it. He is a one of a kind little boy, and everyone who knows him, loves him deeply.”

Ellie Meachem