We are so happy you are considering applying to have your family photographed by one of our photographers, and we are honored that you are trusting us to tell your story beautifully and genuinely — it means everything to us that you are willing to open your hearts and share your world with us. We truly hope that bit by bit, family by family, and story by story, we  can spread awareness and create a new understanding of how broad and beautiful the Spectrum is. 


In order to APPLY FOR A SESSION you MUST write a 2-3 paragraph (or more) blog post (that we will post on our website) to pair with the images from your session. All applications submitted WITHOUT an essay will be discarded. We truly want to share stories — the good, the bad, the ugly, and the incredible that surrounds families touched by autism. Share your heart with us. 


Guidelines for Your Story:

  • Please write in the first person.

  • Use names of those who will be included in the session.

  • 2-3 paragraphs or more.

  • Our editor will fix all grammatical errors and do any minor edits needed.

  • Consider discussing how you felt when your child was diagnosed, and what your journey has looked like thus far.

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PLEASE NOTE that we only accept applications that have been completed thoroughly and thoughtfully. You do no have to have the most incredible story — simple and 'average' is just as beautiful to us; but we do want to hear from your heart. *Some or all of this story you write will be used on our site and other media. 2-3 paragraphs minimum, please!
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Spectrum Inspired has all rights to all images taken for the purpose of a Spectrum Inspired Session. Spectrum Inspires strives to promote Autism Awareness and advocates for families touched by Autism. Spectrum Inspired reserves the right to use these images on the Spectrum Inspired web page as well as social media and our magazine for the aforementioned purposes. Each Spectrum Inspired Photographer retains the right to artistic autonomy and will dispense images based on their own artistic style and discretion. Do you agree to these terms?